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A Building Analysis provides an accurate, comprehensive evaluation of any type of building. Reasons for an analysis vary and include preparing for buying or selling, preparing for legal action, evaluating a major repair problem, examining a structure during the post-construction guarantee period or becoming knowledgeable about a property in order to formulate correct maintenance plans.


Following the survey work and analysis of your building you will have a precise description of the condition of your building, a scope of work statement explaining work needed to repair conditions discovered during the analysis and an estimated cost statement for each repair. Geitz Design Associates, LLC Architects will also prepare an annual maintenance plan and will identify potential cost savings that may be recognized by your current property.

The Building Analysis will include the following Systems and Components:
  • Compliance with applicable building codes

  • Roofing / Envelope including energy loss

  • Exterior: surfaces and materials, including facades, brickwork, stonework, etc.

  • Building systems: electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire protection, HVAC

  • Interior: surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, water heaters

  • Attic, garage and basement

  • Doors and windows

  • Structural and foundation integrity

  • Parking and walking surfaces

  • Life Safety issues: fire sprinklers, safety hazards

  • ADA (American Disabilities Act)

  • Occupancy Review


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